Harmattan | Always In Season

Named for the West African season that takes place from November to March, Harmattan tells a story of Nigerian holidays and festivals. The vibrant tones and adornments signifying the painted villages and “Sunday best” frequently worn during this time. The namesake also describes the opalescent haze that can arrive in the winter and quickly turn to threatening storms. In this way, Harmattan provides us with an illuminating message: Through both times of celebration and caution, continue to don your crown.


Model – Mangbe Sylla

Photographer – Curt Sanders

Hair Artist – Soleïta Kabwasa

MUA – Ronyca Kelly

Creative Direction, Wardrobe + Set Design – Jennifer Nnamani

Assistant – Jasmine Shields

Clothing – Zara, & Other Stories, and Lady GEORGE

For – Beau Monde Society