HANNAH SOUNDBATH: An Audio Love Offering

Grab your headphones. Get comfortable. Unplug to plug all the way in.


Welcome to the HANNAH SoundBath, Qimmah Saafir – 0:01

An Excerpt from “Lean Back”, Tiffany Dufu – 1:03

The Cycle, akr – 1:58

Back to Life Meditation, Tara Aura – 4:20

Guided Reiki Healing Mantra, Dr. India – 8:58

An Excerpt from “Phenomena”, Karen Good Marable – 15:23

Anchor, eniafe isis – 16:24

a Breath: 4-20, a Space for Sound – 17:33

Beyond Surrender, eniafe isis – 19:39

Untitled, Yrsa Daley-Ward – 20:38

Realignment, Yaya Samudra – 21:30

An Excerpt from “Dearly Departed”, Natelegé Whaley – 26:36

(Kalimba Interludes by Tara Aura)


Qimmah Saafir, creator of HANNAH | IG: @qimmahsaafir

Tiffany Dufu, founder & CEO of thecru.com | IG: @tdufu, @thecru

akr | IG: @ajiaticacrobatic

Tara Aura | www.taraaura.com  | IG: @taraaura 

Dr. India Maxwell-Barkley, DAC, L.Ac, RMT | www.Indialac.com | IG: @Indialac

Karen Good Marable | IG: @karengoodmarable | Twitter: @GoodMarable

eniafe isis | IG: @eniafe.isis

a Space for Sound, courtesy of Rena Anakwe | IG: @aspaceforsound | www.aspaceforsound.com | Special thanks to Mélanie Charles, @melaniecharlesisdflower

Yrsa Daley-Ward | IG: @yrsadaleyward

Yaya Samudra of The Womb Mystic | www.thewombmystic.com  | IG: @thewombmystic | Special thanks to Grae Wellness, @graewellness

Natelegé Whaley | IG: @Natelege | Twitter: @Natelege_

“Kalimba interludes by Tara Aura”

Mix Engineer – Josh Thomas

Visual Designer – Pope Phoenix | @popephoenix

Special thank you to HANNAH Deputy Editor, Aja K. Riddick